Thursday, August 6


The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind especially if you live in the North West of England. We have gone from being able to go shopping, get a haircut and see family & friends back to yet another lockdown. From almost normality back to more uncertain times again. I really bloody cannot wait for times to be precedented again.

Alongside the uncertainty surrounding pretty much everything these days there is absolutely no roadmap or guidance for weddings in England. For a few days now #WhatAboutWeddings has been trending all over social media and it is heart-breaking to read stories from suppliers and fellow brides alike. The whole wedding industry still seems to be forgotten about while many other industries are receiving support and clear guidance for what’s to come.

With less than 10 months to go I should be getting excited for our wedding yet the anxiety of not knowing whether we are allowed to go ahead with everything as planned is too much. With an ever-growing number of 2020 brides and grooms postponing their weddings for 2021 all suppliers are expected to be extra busy so we should be rushing to book all our remaining vendors, yet we are cautious of spending any more money on deposits in the fear of losing it all..

Will weddings next year go ahead without masks? Will wedding receptions be allowed? Will all our friends and family be able to join us? No one knows as it stands. If it is okay for 100+ people to sit in a cinema and watch a movie for 2 hours there should be at least a guide for weddings. Sort it out Boris!

Let me know if you are a 2020/2021 bride and what are your thoughts on the current situation?

Anet x


Wednesday, June 10


(image via Pinterest) 

We all know by now that 2020 is no normal year and like much else this year’s wedding season will be virtually non-existent. Good news for all of those planning a wedding is that the pandemic seems to be slowing down in UK and Europe and this does gives us hope that weddings will hopefully go ahead very soon.

As positive we are all trying to be I have come across a lot of articles on social media and news in the last few weeks stating how large weddings are over and this is the end of the 'big white wedding'. As it stands all large gatherings are still banned in the UK and many, especially the elderly, have been told to isolate indefinitely making it very difficult to predict when gathering all of our friends and family together can be possible again.

Some from of social distancing measures are likely to be in place for a prolonged period and travel will be restricted for the foreseeable future. With my family and a number of our friends having to travel to UK from abroad even our wedding in 2021 has still a few question marks hanging over it. Will everyone be able to travel, do they have to isolate on arrival - all of those dreary questions as still weighing like a heavy cloud above our heads. 

Inevitably, if the last 6 months are anything to go by we never know what's around the corner. Smaller and more intimate weddings with less guests will most likely be more commonplace in UK than they have ever been before, but I cannot see the big wedding disappearing completely like many are predicting. After all, we have been confined within our homes for the last 12 weeks only being able to go out for essential food shop and a few walks & I am certain everyone will be up for one hell of a celebration once this pandemic is over. And I think we all deserve it!

For now, I am carrying on with our wedding planning as usual and we'll deal with whatever gets thrown at us next when it happens. Whether next year’s weddings will be large and lavish or small and intimate - it won't matter. The most important thing is that we all get to marry our favourite people - after all it's the marriage that's the important bit, not the wedding. 

Hope everyone is continuing to stay safe, lots of love to you all.

Anet x


Tuesday, May 26


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While summer holidays 2020 are still a pipe dream as it stands, we can still wish can't we. Where's everyone going first once lockdowns across the world are lifted and we can travel again? I am definitely yearning for some sun, sea breeze and palm trees. 

Anet x


Friday, May 15


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Yes, I have just used the two words in the same sentence that no one wants to hear - wedding and COVID-19. When we booked our 2021 wedding back in January nothing could have prepared us for what's to come. Whilst your wedding is definitely not the most important thing in the world right now it is indeed the most important thing for you and your significant other. You have been waiting for it, saving for it and dreaming about it. It is okay to be upset if you have had to postpone your wedding or struggling to plan your big day. 

And whilst we cannot visit our venues or go for hair and make-up trials there's still plenty of planning that can be done during lockdown:

You may have booked your florist and probably have some initial ideas of what you would like your bridal bouquet to look like. Now is the perfect time to use some of that extra time that you have in your hands browsing Pinterest & Instagram and research for the exact look you are after. It might also be a good idea to Google the best seasonal flowers that are available during your wedding month and see how you can incorporate them to your wedding florals. 

Hair & Make-Up 
Whilst we unfortunately cannot attend any trials or meet with our vendors now is a great time to spend some time on Instagram to either research and book your Hairstylist and Make-Up artist or if you have already got them booked why not to browse their work and screenshot the looks you love so you are ready to create your dream look once we can attend trials again. And while you have the time it might be a good idea to go through your old pictures from any special occasions to see if there was a make-up look or hairstyle that made you feel particularly amazing, and why not to recreate something similar on your wedding day?

Save the Dates & Invites
While I am planning to send out our 'Save the Dates' shortly some other brides are unfortunately having to send their 'Change the Dates' instead. Some of the global postal services have been affected during lockdown so why not to send digital invites instead. And with all the free time in our hands why not to try a hand on designing your own invites. 

Budget & Finances
Now more than ever can be an extremely difficult time to save for such a huge and costly occasion like a wedding. Take the time to double check your budget and make sure you have allocated enough to cover for each part. And why not revisit your budget completely and see if you can find any clever ways of how to save. Perhaps you know a friend who's a great hairdresser or ask that family member who's been baking weekly banana breads during lockdown if they'd be so kind to make your wedding cake as a present.  

Wedding Playlist 
Been thinking of creating your wedding playlist for ages, but not got around to it yet - now is the time. Start a playlist on Spotify and keep adding all the songs that make you dance like no one is watching and all the songs that make you happy. Also don't forget to reach out to your friends and family for their picks too (this is also a good chance to check in with everyone we cannot see during lockdown). Once done - put the playlist on and pretend it's your wedding day. 

All of our dream weddings will happen, perhaps not just as soon as we had hoped, but they will. And they don't say good things come to those who wait for no reason!

Anet x


Tuesday, April 28


(images via Matchesfashion)

Like it or not, AW19's most impractical street style staple is back for SS20. The infamous Jacquemus Le Chiquito has gotten even smaller (like that was even possible...) and others such as Gucci have introduced their versions of the micro bag in the shape of lipstick pouches and necklace bags. Big enough just for your ear pods or some change or nothing at all. 

As impractical they are you cannot deny the XXS bags have some kind of magical appeal. In the midst of a global pandemic our beloved handbags may not get as much love as they used to so why not cheer yourself up with a cute micro bag. Would you wear one?

Anet x
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